Multimedia Sofas and Sectionals

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Home Theater Sofas and Sectionals


Increase the range of relaxation options at your fingertips with our premium line of home theater sofas and sectionals. These seats can be customized to a large variety of configurations, with an array of wedge and console options. Sofas, loveseats, straight, curved, and L-shape designs will cater to your individual needs. These home theater sofas and sectionals are constructed from the finest materials and will make an extravagant yet solidly functional addition to your home theater!

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Sofa Sectional
home theater Sofas & Loveseats Design with Function to Fit the Whole Family Your family’s comfort is important, their furniture should be designed to reflect that.
Seatcraft Innovator Home Theater Sectional
home theater Modular Sectionals Enjoyment in All the Right Pieces! The modular sectional really shines when it comes to having all the right modular pieces.
Seatcraft Diamante Chaise Theater Seating
home theater Chaise Loveseats Give Your Body Extended Support with Full Chaiseloungers. All these loveseats feature either outside or center chaiseloungers for ultimate support!.
Seatcraft Madison Console Middle Loveseat
home theater Console Middle Loveseats Contain All Your Storage and Comfort Needs in One! Make sure all your items are secure and accessible with the console loveseats.
Seatcraft Heavenly Modular Theater Sectional
home theater Stationary Sectionals Choose Your Configuration, Experience Deep Level Comfort. Find the layout that matches your style and size, then get to movie watching!.