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Glossary of Home Theater Seating Terms

Shopping for your home theater seat can be complicated and intimidating. Your experiance purchasing seats, that will be part you of your media viewing for years to come, is our highest priority. So, we created this glossary just for you to get the inside information on the industry terms that our professionals use.

Now You Can Become The Expert...

Adjustable Power Headrest

A powered motor located in the headrest that elevates your head and supports your neck no matter what recline position you are in. The headrest is easily adjusted to any position by using the buttons on the power control switch.

Adjustable Power Lumbar

A powered motor in the backrest that allows the lower backrest to be adjusted to any position with ease by using the buttons on the power control switch. This is a must-have for lower back support during long binge watching sessions.

BACKROW Theater Seating®

Eliminate the need for risers and always be able to view over the seats in front of you with Backrow seating. 5-8” Taller than a standard seat, your view will never be obscured.

Big & Tall by Seatcraft

With a 400 pound weight capacity and a wider seat surface, that also includes an extended recline length. This group is designed for someone that requires a bigger, or taller, theater seat.

Bonded Leather

A polyurethane-leather hybrid, bonded leather simulates the touch and feel of top grain leather at a fraction of the price.


Custom designed from the ground up in the USA, and only using the finest materials available. Choose your style, colors, and features that fit your lifestyle.

Chaise Lounger

A non-motion elongated seat that simulates a reclined environment and provides full body support from head to toe.

Chaise Style Padded Footrest

When the footrest is fully reclined it creates a chaise lounger environment that provides full body support from head to toe.


This is the innovative technology that powers the adjustable powered headrests and powered lumbar support included in the designated home theater seating styles.

Commercial Seating

Traditional stadium style movie seats that commonly are used in commercial movie theaters or large capacity venues.

Cool Gel

A gel which is infused into memory or high resilience foam that keeps it cool over long periods of use by drawing heat away from your body.

Curbside Delivery

Shipper will deliver your package(s) to address and deliver the package(s) to the front of your home.

Curved Row

This row type of seating includes curved arms that create an arc when combined into rows of 2 or more seats.

Easy-Off Backrest

Each backrest can be easily “unclipped” from the seat base. This feature saves space when moving through a doorway, and reduces the weight of the seat if you need to move them after they have been installed. It can also be helpful for deep cleaning purposes.


Exceptionally smooth and silky material that is easy to maintain. It is available in a number of different solid color options.

Finished Backrest

Solid framed full backrest on each seat that creates a finished upholstered look. This allows the seat to appear beautiful from anywhere in the room.

Foam Density

Higher density foam will generally feel firm and can withstand more pressure. While lower density foam will feel softer but cannot withstand excessive pressure.

Fold-Down Table

A hidden table that appears to be a standard armless seat. Pull the backrest down to reveal a fully polished surface with 2 cupholders, wireless charging, USB charging ports, and an AC adapter plug.

Frame Construction

Seats are made by joining pieces of wood to create a sturdy base for the joints, springs, foam, and recline mechanism.

Frame Joint Construction

When creating the seat frame these joints connect and reinforce the construction of the seat base.

FRONTROW Theater Seating®

No more risers needed here. Made specifically to be in the front row. They are made to be 5-8” shorter than a standard seat so they will never obstruct the view of the row behind.

Guardian 5-Year Warranty

Extended warranty on frames, springs, motors, mechanisms, and integrated electrical components for up to 5 years.

LAF (Left-Arm Facing) Recliner

The term for a single arm recliner chair. When facing the front of the chair the single arm would be to the left of the viewer.

LED Ambient Base-Lighting

A strip connected to the base of the chair that emanates ambient blue lighting. Easily controlled by a button on the recline switch.

LED Armrest Accent

Ambient blue lighting that peers out from behind an inlaid etched front armrest cover. Easily controlled by a button on the recline switch.

LED Lighted Cup Holders

Ambient blue lighting that glows from the ring of these style cup holders. Easily controlled by a button on the recline switch.


Two adjacent seats that have the armrest removed between them to create an expanded “loveseat” style seating surface to sit on. Seats will normally still have the ability to recline as well.

Manual Recline

This recline mechanism is controlled by a lever based system and does not use power. It is a 2 stage recline system with t.v. position and fully reclined positions.

Memory Foam

Uses your natural body heat to soften and mould to your shape. Once pressure is removed it will bounce back and recover slowly, and over time will remember your body shape.

Minimum Door Frame Width

This is the minimum width required to move your seat through your doorway with the backrest removed and with the seat laying on its back.

Pocketed Coil Springs

Supportive springs that are individually wrapped in fabric to help maintain the shape and integrity of the seat cushion.

Power Amperage

Amount of voltage required to power the device. A 110v plug is the most common standard.

Powered by SoundShaker

This seat has a SoundShaker transducer pre-installed and only needs a SoundShaker amplifier to power it.

Power Recline

A powered motor that controls the recline mechanism underneath your chair, allowing the user to recline the seat into any desired position by using the buttons on the recline switch.

RAF (Right-Arm Facing) Recliner

The term for a single arm recliner. When facing the front of the seat, the single arm would be to the right of the viewer.


Our Flagship brand. Offers the widest variety of styles, materials, colors, and options available as part of the in-stock and 24-hour shipping program.

Seatcraft Your Choice

This Seatcraft program allows you to build your seat, your way. Choose your Seatcraft seat style, material, and color. Straight or curved rows, and finally power or manual recline.


This system allows you to feel the on screen action right in your seat. It connects wirelessly to your audio receiver and theater seats to create a truly immersive audio experience.

SoundShaker Amplifier

This is the device that powers up to 4 SoundShaker transducer units and wirelessly connects to your existing audio receiver.

SoundShaker Transducer

A medium-sized, black electronic unit that is powered by the SoundShaker Amplifier system. Once installed onto your seat and connected to a SoundShaker amplifier, you will feel the action on-screen adventure vibrate in your chair.

Straight Row

A row of seating that includes straight arms and creates a straight line when combined into rows of 2 or more seats.

Storage Console

This console is traditionally wider than a standard armrest. It includes two cup holders, and a lid that opens up to reveal ample storage in the middle.

USB Charging Port

Equipped in every recline switch or fold-down table. Powers and charges all standard USB devices.

Weight Capacity

The total maximum tested weight capacity that the frame of the seat can maintain safely.

White Glove Delivery

A concierge shipping and delivery method where we ship to a specialized company that delivers your product(s) and will bring the products into your home for you. Then they unbox it, bring it inside, and set up your products at the desired location in your home. They also remove all packaging materials for you as the last step.