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Seatcraft Warranty

Seatcraft is proud of the high standards of quality and workmanship that go into our products. You are protected by the following 1-Year Limited Warranty which applies to seats that are used in normal indoor residential conditions. This warranty does not apply to seats used in commercial, institutional, or other non-residential conditions.

What does the 1-Year Limited Warranty cover?

Seatcraft provides (1) one-year of comprehensive coverage for all components such as materials, foam and frame parts, and mechanisms including motorized parts from defective materials or workmanship.

Are the materials protected by this warranty?

Normal fabric fading, shrinking, and stretching are not covered by this warranty. Similarly, the natural markings, stretching, and shrinking of leather is a proud mark of authenticity and therefore not covered by this warranty. Evidence of improper cleaning, abuse, or abnormal use of the materials will void this warranty.

How does this warranty cover the foam and frame?

Seatcraft warrants these components for (1) one-year from the time of delivery against manufacturing defects. Foam compression is natural and therefore not covered by this warranty.

How does this warranty support the mechanisms?

Seatcraft warrants these components for (1) one-year from the time of delivery, against manufacturing defects. After the warranty period the customer is responsible for inspection, labor, and transportation costs.

*No warranties, expressed or implied, apply after the expiration of this Limited Warranty. The warranty period covers repair, substitution, and replacement. No returns or refunds are covered. A proof-of-purchase is required to service a claim. To request warranty service, simply present the bill of sale to the dealer from where the item was purchased. Seatcraft is not liable for incidental or consequential damages occurring outside the terms of this warranty, even if advance knowledge of such damage was possible.