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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery
- How much is shipping? Do you offer free shipping?
- We offer free shipping on home theater sectionals, multimedia sofas, multimedia loveseats, media lounge sofas, home theater seat accessories, and orders of 2 or more on home theater seats.

Free shipping is excluded on single recliners, all theater decor, and single home theater seats. Shipping on other products may vary.
- When will my order ship?
- In-stock items typically ship within 1 business day. Orders placed on the weekend will processed on the closest following business day.

For custom orders, backorders, or orders that require additional lead time, please refer to the estimated ship date in your order confirmation email.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number that you can use to track your order online.
- What parts of the world do you ship home theater seats to?
- ships anywhere in the contiguous United States. We also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally for a fee.

For international orders, we always recommend shipping to a shipping terminal within the United States and then the customer can coordinate the ocean freight.
- What are your shipping and delivery options?
- We offer curbside delivery and white glove delivery for all our furniture products.
- How does curbside delivery work?
- Curbside delivery orders take about 14 business days to be shipped from our warehouse to your local distribution center. Once the distribution center receives your order, they will call you within 2-3 business days to coordinate a day and time for delivery to your home.

Our customer service team can only refer to the tracking number on your shipping confirmation email if the order has shipped within the last 14 business days, as they can't expedite the process any faster. Because curbside delivery requires an 18-wheeler to deliver to your home, your order will be delivered to the end of the curb. You're responsible for moving your order into your home, assembly, and removal of any packaging material.

The delivery agent is not allowed to bring your order into your home or to climb any steps. Rural and heavily-urban addresses please take note of the closest curb to your home that is accessible by a semi-truck with a trailer. Garages are considered in-home delivery and are not included in curbside delivery.

Please note that we are unable to ship to locations where it is not safe to deliver via a semi-truck. This is due to our commitment to ensuring the safety of our drivers and the public. If you have any concerns about the safety of your delivery location, please contact us and we will do our best to find a suitable solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you for choosing our retail site for your freight shipping needs.
- How does white glove delivery work?
- For customers who want more than curbside delivery, and for customers that want unboxing and assembly of their products, they can upgrade to white glove delivery at the time of their purchase. We likely cannot upgrade from curbside delivery to white glove delivery once your order has shipped. You may request this upgrade after your order has shipped, but please be aware that you are responsible for any shipment reroute fees, which can be a minimum of $100 or can be much higher depending on the freight carrier.

Just like curbside delivery, it will take about 14 business days for your order to be received by your local distribution center. Then the white glove delivery agent will receive it within 2 business days. Once the white glove delivery agent has possession of your order, they will call you within 2-3 business day to coordinate a date and time for delivery to your home.

Upon delivery to your home, the white glove delivery agent will bring your order into the room of your choice (and a maximum of either up or down one flight of stairs), unbox and assemble your items, and dispose of all the excess packaging.
- Do you have items that are in-stock and ready for immediate shipping?
- Yes. You can find all of them here. Any item that is marked as "shipping within 24 hours" will be shipped within 1 business day.
- Do you offer scheduled delivery?
- Our curbside delivery or white glove delivery agents will reach out to you to schedule a day and time for delivery to your home.

Delivery appointments are typically scheduled in a 4-hour window on normal business hours Monday–Friday 8am to 5pm. Weekend deliveries are not available. Delivery drivers will not show up without calling ahead to set an appointment.
- My tracking information has an estimated delivery date. Is this the date the order would arrive at my home?
- The estimated delivery date on your tracking information is the estimated date your order would arrive at the freight carrier's local distribution center, not at your home.

It takes about 14 business days for the order to be received by the local distribution center. Within 2-3 business days, you will receive a call from the freight delivery agent to schedule a specific delivery date to your home. White glove delivery typically takes 1-2 business days more. "
- I would like to add white glove delivery, but my order has already shipped. Is it possible to change the shipping on my order?
- We cannot upgrade your order from curbside delivery to white glove delivery once your order has already shipped.

You may request the upgrade to white glove delivery but please be aware that any shipment rerouting fees, which is a minimum of $100 but can be much higher depending on the freight carrier, will be the full responsibility of the customer. Any change in delivery method or carrier will also create longer lead times and delivery delays for the customer.
- What do I do if my home theater furniture is damaged during delivery?
- Please take pictures of any damage as your items get delivered. Pictures are required for any replacement items or replacement products.

Have the delivery driver mark on the freight bill which items were damaged or missing. Any damages or shortages must be noted on the freight bill. We cannot accept reports of freight damages or freight shortages after 48 hours of receipt.
Orders, Cancellations, & Returns
- Do you take custom orders from home theater seating or media lounge sofas?
- We offer an expanded list of colors and options with our "Your Choice by Seatcraft" program. Customization does not include custom sizes of individual chairs. Due to the custom nature of these products they require an extensive lead time to build and ship them.

If you want your furniture quickly please consider ordering one of the many products we have available to ship in 24 hours.
- I just placed my order online. How do I know that you received it?
- You'll receive an initial order confirmation email from once you place your order. Then, once your order is flowing through our warehouse, you'll receive another email order confirmation. These order confirmation emails will have your order information regarding your purchase and what you can expect next.

Orders placed on weekends or holidays are entered on the closest following business day. Once your order is complete and loaded on a truck you will receive a final shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.
- I've changed my mind about the color of my recent order. Do I still have time to change it?
- Any changes to "Your Choice by Seatcraft" orders would need to be made within 2 business days. Changes after 2 business days may incur a fee. For in-stock colors, you can change your order as long as your order has not shipped.
- Can I cancel my order?
- Unshipped orders can be cancelled within 2 business days starting immediately after the order is placed. If your order's in-stock and you cancel your order, it will incur a processing fee due to having to transport your order back into our warehouse inventory.

Unshipped custom orders, specifically once the process begins of ordering raw materials, or cutting leathers or wood or metal, is subject to a 30% restocking fee. There is a 50% restocking fee on two-tone color products. Shipped orders are subject to the following cancellation fees: Shipping fees to your home, return shipping fees to our warehouse, and restocking fee of your product. If the product has been unboxed, used or is no longer in new condition, please speak with one of our customer service representatives.

All sales are final on clearance items.

- Can I exchange my furniture for another color or style?
- Because of the physical nature of our product and the costs associated with shipping, we cannot accommodate any exchange requests.

Please cancel or return your order. We will make every effort to assist you with your next order.

Exchanges for already delivered items are not accepted.
Customer Support
- Do you offer an extended warranty?
- The majority of our products, including Seatcraft, Cavallo, and SoundRight brands, include a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Please refer to our site or the manufacturer's site for details.

For an added fee, we offer an optional 5-year extended protection plan for the majority of our products. Please reach out to us prior to receiving your order to add the optional Guardian 5-Year Protection Plan to your products.
- Do you offer financing options?
- Yes, we offer financing through Affirm. Please call a sales representative for more details and to apply for Affirm financing.
- How do I know that my information is safe when I shop on your website?
- We do not share your order details with anyone other than those who are required to receive and process your order. Your credit card information is encrypted and never viewable by anyone, including our team.

Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information.
- Where can I see your home theater seating in person?
- You can visit either one of our showrooms in La Habra, CA or Cibolo, TX. Our showrooms are by appointment only, so please make sure to make an appointment with a sales representative before you plan your visit.
- Will the color I select for my theater seating match what is pictured on your website?
- The majority of our products, including Seatcraft, Cavallo, and SoundRight are photographed in a professional studio setting and then vetted by our product team prior to posting on our sites. We are very confident in the accuracy of the photos versus the physical product.

While the majority of our customers do not request a physical material swatch sample, you may order a free material swatch sample from the product page to view the color and feel of the material for yourself before ordering your home theater seating.

With phones and computer screens having different color and resolution settings, it's nearly impossible to ensure the color and image consistency online. Order some free swatch samples and see it in person to feel confident in your decision.
- Can I order replacement parts for my home theater seats from
- Certain replacement parts are available. Backrests and armrests are not considered replaceable parts at this time. Please review the product manual that came included with your furniture and refer to our video troubleshooting guides prior to requesting replacement parts.

Please have your product and order information ready. We only supply replacement parts for products purchased through
- Do the home theater seats connect to each other?
- Each theater seat is free-standing and can support itself without the need to connect to another chair. They simply slide next to each other to form a row. Each seat includes rubber foot pads that can be attached to the bottom of each seat to help them stay stationary on almost any type of flooring. These rubber feet also help protect your flooring.
- How heavy are the home theater seats and sofas? Can I move them by myself?
- Each theater seat weighs anywhere from 100 lbs to 200 lbs. Sofas, loveseats, and sectionals can be anywhere from 200 lbs to 400 lbs. It's highly recommended that you have at least 1-2 other people to help you move your new home theater seating into your home. With most seats, 2 capable adults should be sufficient to take them into your home. With sofas and loveseats, it may require 3-4 capable adults to transport the products into your home.

If you are unable to move the products yourself or with a friend, white glove delivery is highly recommended. Please request this service prior to placing your order.
- How much space do I need for backrow home theater seating?
- For standard products, you will need a minimum 28" opening for your doorway, hallway, or stairway. Backrow theater seating will need a maximum doorway opening of 36" for most larger products.

You will also have to lift and tilt the home theater seating through your doorway, stairway, or hallway. If your doorway leads into a tight hallway, measure your hallway has over 36" of width.
- I want more than one row of seats. Should I order a riser for the back row to ensure they can see over the front row?
- Our risers come in either 7" or 14" in height. We offer these risers in multiple carpet colors. We also have tiered seating with the risers built onto the base of the seats.
- Can I order a home theater sofa or loveseat configurations?
- Yes, most of our chairs can be configured into loveseat and sofa configurations. Please note that with armless chairs and certain loveseat configurations that the location of the recline switch will now be located between the seats.

Please note that in most cases the USB port will no longer be available due to the location of the switch. USB charging ports are only included in control panels that are located in armrests, not between seats.
- What is the difference between curved and straight rows on home theater seating?
- Straight rows are exactly that; seats arranged in a straight line. These seats consume less space than a curved row, but users on the ends of wider straight rows may suffer a bit of screen visibility. Curved rows are arranged in an arc or "c" shape. While users on the ends will have a better view, these rows take up more space than a straight row.
- How far away should my home theater seats and media lounge furniture be positioned from my screen?
- People often choose the biggest screen that they can fit into their homes, but if your room is smaller then you might want to go with a smaller screen size. A general guideline is to sit between 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement away from your screen, with about a 30-degree viewing angle from your seated position.

For example, if you have a 40" TV, you should be sitting somewhere between 5 and 8.3 feet from the screen. Just keep in mind that viewing distance recommendations are a general guide and it’s largely a matter of personal preference.
- Can the lighting on the cupholders and LED baselights be controlled separately?
- The lighting for the cupholders and baselighting are connected to the same power supply. Turning the switch on and off will turn both the cupholder lighting and the base lighting on and off at the same time.
- Do you offer your home theater seats as single recliners?
- Yes. Our most popular home theater seating styles are available as single recliners. They require a $199 shipping fee per seat and do not qualify for free shipping.
- What are Spacesaver home theater seats?
- Spacesaver means the theater seats are created with slightly thinner inside armrests to create a smaller footprint for the overall row size that is configured. You can now fit more seats in a smaller space, and the seats you have will make the space feel bigger.
- I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with a home theater seating item I purchased. What should I do?
- The majority of our products include a product manual with a guide for assembly. Additionally, we offer troubleshooting videos on our site. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to us via email or phone.
- Can I get out of my seat while it's in the recline position?
- We do not recommend getting out of the chair while it's reclined. Please make sure the seat is in a closed and upright position before getting out of the chair. This will avoid damage to the chair.