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  Fiber-Optics Install Video & Instructions.

  Fiber Optics Step-by-Step Install Instructions

STEP 1.) Use dykes or fiber optic cutter to cut 2-2 inches pieces of the fiber optic cable off to use as spacers in the lightbox to keep the fiber optic cable tight.

STEP 2.) Take razor knife ( or razor blade) and make a 3 inch long slit in the shielding of the fiber optic cable. pull the shielding back and cut the 3 inch piece of outside shielding off completely.

STEP 3.) Next take the raw fiber optics now exposed since you cut off the shielding and use your dykes to make all of the fibers even on the end

STEP 4.) Make sure fiber optic holding nut is loose on the fiber optic lightbox and insert the raw fiber optic fibers (no shielding) into the lightbox and insert your spacers you made at the beginning to keep all the fibers tight and where you want them.

STEP 5.) Adjust the fiber optic cable in or out of the lightbox until you get the desired affect (farther in make the stars flicker more , further out makes the stars fade from one color to another) then just tighten down the fiber optic holding nut on the lightbox.

STEP 6.) Plug the transformer into a standard 110 outlet and turn on the lightbox and you are done.

  View the fiber optics install video

Having trouble installing our LED lightboxes? View our installation video and watch as one of our professional installers demonstrates how to hook it all up in an easy-to-follow instructional video.

 Tools Needed:

- Dykes (Or Wire Cutters)

- Box Knife (Or Razor Blade)

- Fiber-Optics

- LED Lightbox

View our Install Video

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