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Seatcraft Vienna Sofa & Loveseat Top Grain Leather 7000, Powered Headrest & Lumbar, Power Recline, Black or Brown

Seatcraft Vienna Sofa & Loveseat Top Grain Leather 7000, Powered Headrest & Lumbar, Power Recline, Black or Brown

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Product Reviews

REVIEW: I love my Vienna sofa. The brown leather and bronze cup holders really fit with my 70's house. It felt firm and high up at first, since I came from a 30 year old, giant love seat. It took a couple days to get used to and now I love it, and it's easier on my bad knees. The cubbies in the arms are fantastic and large enough for tissue boxes for allergy seasons. The trays took longer to get used to, at first I was thinking of making and arm that increases it's range of movement, but I'm used to it now. All these combined, I was able to eliminate the coffee table from the room. My brother and I also disagree about how the buttons function, so maybe adding a special port to plug in a laptop to program the buttons to do exactly what you want could be an idea. I guess it could be done with apps these days, but I'm stuck in the 90's. Another thing I thought of, since you have an option for wireless charging trays, it may also be a good idea to make an option where you can replace the wireless charger in the console with a small storage pocket. Be good for storing charging cables, TV remote programming instructions, cigarettes/lighters, and other small stuff.
John U

REVIEW: I was very satisfied with the service and quality of the couch that I purchased. Would not hesitate to do it again.
Scott M

REVIEW: I recently purchased the Seatcraft Vienna Sofa 7000. Andrew Singas was our representative who guided us through the process He was very knowledgeable and patient with me on the phone, answering my questions and concerns. Thank you, Andrew 1st class service. The delivery and setup were the most critical part of this process for me as I live in the Midwest, far away from their manufacturing center. I'm happy to report that because of how the couch was shipped, protected padding and in a box, there was no damage what-so-ever. All of the mechanisms and electronics worked out of the box, no complaints.

Thank you to and Seatcraft for a wonderful experience.
Derek O

REVIEW: Very Comfortable!!! Just what we needed for our movie room...

REVIEW: It is very adjustable which makes it comfortable for my 6' 2" husband and for my 5' 5" self. The middle section with the extra cup holders, lighting, power and USB ports, and wireless charger works well for us because we are both working from home. I love the arm storage because I can store the accessories (light and small table) along with some odd items like a box of Kleenex and nail file out of site but still close at hand.

There is an additional USB port in each arm along with individual adjustments for head, lumbar and feet. I like that the foot adjustment can be set any where from completely down to straight out and anywhere in-between. This seating unit also possibility of using a memory preset so once you find the perfect settings you set the preset and then you can get the setting you like by only pressing one button. The leather and stitching look substantial but because we have only had it a few weeks l can't speak to the durability yet. My only problem is with the cup holders.

Alex was very easy to work with, answered all our questions and responded to any of our calls. Buy this you will enjoy it. And it is so easy to care for.
Beth A. A.

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