Rialto Stage Theater Seating

No Risers needed here! The Rialto Comes in 3 different styles!

• The Front Row style (34" tall).
• The Standard (Middle) Row style (41" tall).
• The Back Row style (48" tall).

Mix & Match. You can have any type of   configuration you want! A Standard and a front row. A Back row and a Standard row, or you can have all 3 for the ultimate package!

Now you can get stadium style seating without the risers, or the additional cost!

Rialto Back Row Theater Seating

The Rialto back row style is great for the back row of any home theater! Coming in at a height 48" tall this seat completely eliminates the need for a riser! This seat can be combined with the front row or standard, or purchased individually! Rialto Back Row Theater Seating

Rialto Home Theater Seating

The Rialto Standard seat is a regular 41" tall theater seat. This is considered the middle row, although it is just the normal Rialto. This seat can be combined with either the front row, or the back row, or with both for the ultimate setup! This seat can also be sold individually. Rialto Standard Seating

Rialto Front Row Theater Seats

The front row style Rialto is exactly what it is for, The Front Row! It is only 34" tall and can be combined with the standard or back row style! This style is unique because it has the support of a normal theater seat, but it is shorter than a normal movie chair. This seat can be purchased individually. Rialto Front Row Seating