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Seatcraft Anthem Loveseat Top Grain Leather 7000, Power Headrests, Power Recline, Black, Brown, Red, or Gray

Seatcraft Anthem Loveseat Top Grain Leather 7000, Power Headrests, Power Recline, Black, Brown, Red, or Gray

Product Review (submitted on June 2, 2020):
Wife and I originally had our sights set on the Europa, but Zachary suggested the Anthem as its made of top grain leather where as the Europa is made of gel leather. Same features on both and not much difference in price for a much better material. It was great advice which we followed.

I thought two people should be able to carry a sofa, so I went with curbside drop. If I can offer advice: For the love of God and all that is holy, do NOT do curbside delivery. The couch is incredibly heavy. If your situation requires carrying the couch up or down stairs, pay the 199 bucks and have them do the heavy work. I wound up hiring local movers last minute to come and move it. Also, the love seat comes wrapped in lots of cardboard and is placed on a large wooden pallet. The driver did not take the pallet, so I had the fun of breaking down the pallet into a whole bunch of pieces to ensure it fit inside the trash bins (we have strict trash/recycling requirements here). Had I done the white glove service I would not have had to mess with all of that. So again - buy the white glove service, totally worth it. A

Couch itself: Pretty comfortable and enjoy it a lot. But some annoying small defects. 1. Seam on back of couch has a two inch defect where the threads are frayed/missing. 2. The leather is sagging where it should sit flush and tight under the center power console (on fold out middle table). 3. The post that secures the armrest table into the armrest kept popping out, making the table unusable.

Warranty support and customer service is great. They answered the phone on the first call and kept in close communication with my by e-mail. For issue 1, they are sending me a new seat back (will take few weeks but I'm ok with that). For issues 2 and 3, they provided me guidance by e-mail on how to fix myself. Very simple and quick fixes. If you can use a screw driver, you can fix these issues in under 5 minutes. Also, if buying made in the USA is important to you, then you may be unhappy. Although Seatcraft appears to be a U.S. owned and operated company, it appears my recliner couch was made in Vietnam (as per the manufacturer label affixed to the bottom of my couch). Not a show stopper for me.

Overall, its a very good product, quite comfortable and the accessories are very nice. Their warranty support and quick response has been very good. The delivery service could have been better, but I realize they outsource that part. Had the delivery experience been better, I would have rated at 5 stars. Overall, this is a great company to do business with, and I would buy furniture from them again.