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Equinox Single Recliner with Power Headrest, Lumbar, and Recline

Seatcraft Equinox Top Grain Leather 7000, Powered Headrest & Lumbar, Power Recline, Black, Brown, or Red, Single Recliner

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Product Reviews

REVIEW: Buying online is a little risky, because you can't actually feel the material. This is my second online recliner, as I immediately returned the last one I bought. I decided to risk it one more time, and I'm not disappointed at all. However, from the pics, I was expecting buttery-soft leather, which it's not. It's a tough leather, like what you'd expect when looking at high-quality, real leather recliners. I'm probably a novice when it comes to knowing about leather, and all the different ways it can be finished, but I can tell that this leather is going to last a lifetime. Speaking of quality, this chair is rock-solid! I broke my last recliner, but I'm confident the Equinox will handle lots of abuse.

One of the things that I thought could use a little design improvement, are the LED lights.
- should have a separate switch to turn off the base light
- should have a dimmer for the lights

The base light is really bright! In my theater room, it would certainly be bright enough to throw off the colors on my projector screen. I've read posts about people adding a dimming cover, sold separately. I think that's a band aid on the problem. I ended up cutting the zip ties holding the LED rope light on the bottom of the chair, flipping the rope to the other side of the bar it was on, then zip tying it in place. Made a huge difference, and it just took a couple minutes! Look through the pics to see how I did it, and the results.

One other little gripe I have is the SoundShaker plug. It's set up to accept the proprietary plug from the matching amp, sold separately. It would've been nice if they added an open-ended plug to connect to an external amp. Instead, I'll have to it and replace the plug with a standard RCA plug, or bare POS/neg wires.

Other than that, I'm really happy with this recliner! It's really comfortable, and I imagine the leather will soften over time. The price is actually less than many of the leather Lay-Z-Boy recliners I was looking at, and with way more bells and whistles. On top of all that, it's an absolutely beautiful chair! It looks so good in my living room, and makes everything else in the room look a little more classy! I'm definitely going with a row of these in the theater room, when I'm ready.
Jeffrey B.

REVIEW: I have the single recliner that I use for watching movies and TV. It replaced a rocker recliner from Ashely that I grew to completely hate in the year that I had it. The Equinox is far superior in every way. When I first received it, I was just slight concerned about how the back positions me up and forward, making the arm rest seem awkward. After a a week, that feel was gone. Some because I got used to it, some because the foam broke in. I also felt almost as if I had to slouch in the chair to get the head rest to hit me where I wanted it. This has improved with time and I'm ok with it now. I really like how this chair supports your legs between the recliner and the foot rest. It feel sturdy and supportive even though there is a gap underneath. In my previous chair, this area was a dead zone with no support and the wood frame of the foot rest could be felt on the back of my calves. This chair is sooo much more comfortable.

The leds seem like a gimmick and I have no use for them. I would like to try the bass shakers, but haven't yet. The memory setting is a must have. The single level to make the adjustments is common sense and easy to use. The motors are silent and I haven't had any leather on leather rubbing noise. The leather feel is just right. Soft and smooth, but still feels tough. It has held up without any wear, even with my dogs climbing in and out of the chair. The pockets are huge, almost too much room.

The chair is setting on hard wood floors. It pretty much stays in place, my previous chair would slide all over. I had to put a mat under it to keep it in place.

One concern I had was the power recliner. I thought it would be a hassle to hold a button and wait for it to return home every time I wanted to get up. It really doesn't take that much time. And if I just don't want to, it isn't that difficult to get out of the chair when it is reclined. Getting back in isn't as easy as getting out, but it isn't difficult.

I considered getting the XL version, but the salesman said that for my size 6',190 lbs, 34" inseam. I would be better off with this one. Since I haven't sat in the XL version, I can't say for sure. I feel my size is about at the limit for the chair. I don't feel crowded, but the extra space (especially the back height) may have been better for me in the XL.

I pondered this purchase for several weeks, reading reviews, forums, youtube, and comparing the other brands. In the end I feel like I made an excellent choice and don't regret the purchase. I can see more Seatcraft recliners in my future.

REVIEW: Bought 4 Equinox theater seats through 4seating recently. Initially, was nervous buying them online. After reading reviews, decided to give it a shot. Whole process was painless. Joseph at 4seating was very helpful and answered all my questions. Seats showed up good 2 weeks earlier than originally thought. I got the 4 boxes delivered to the garage (standard delivery). Getting them unboxed, moved and assembled was a breeze. Chairs look great and awesomely comfortable. Definitely buy from 4seating again.
Venuka J

REVIEW: I was a little skeptical about buying a sofa online without sitting in it first, but we couldn’t find anything like it at any of our local stores. After talking with Bob who went over everything in great detail and assured us we were make a good choice we took a chance on the anthem sofa and we love it. Super comfy and we love the power headrests. We’re very pleased with our purchase.
Jessica S

REVIEW: Alex was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful and accommodating us. He answered all my questions and provided excellent pricing on a quality product that I am very happy to have purchased!

I have found that since my purchase of my home theater seating it’s allowed me time to really reconnect and bond with my young family members all of whom are advancing age quite quickly. Thanks Alex for a job well done!!!
Jonathan W

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