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Seatcraft Diamante Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Diamante Home Theater Seating

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49 Review(s)

Product Reviews

REVIEW: Image provided for Diamante
Dwayne S.

REVIEW: Diamante images attached
Allan S.

REVIEW: I turned some attic space into a movie room and wow… these seats are a game changer. The company and help are top notch too.

REVIEW: Quality design and material. Comfortable although sits high which is expected with a movie theater style seat. Motor fairly quiet. Adjustable headrest improves comfortability watching movies. Very well packaged and comes with a tray table.

REVIEW: I purchased the Seatcraft Diamante 6 months ago and could not be happier. First off be warned, the chair is HEAVY and should be lifted by two people. This is the type of construction that lends itself to longevity and sturdiness. Just make sure you know where you want it first, moving it around is not going to be easy. IKEA this is not, this chair is going to last for years to come

When I first setup the chair, it was a little stiff but after a few weeks it has broken in and is now very comfortable. The controls are easy to use and I've had zero issues with any motors. The storage areas under the arm rests are a wonderful value add and they a very roomy. One of the main reasons I chose this chair was for the accessory system they have and they do not disappoint. Tables, phone holders, wine glass caddies, lights, etc. It's a system that works very well.

Other interesting things that are cool but I have never used: The led lighting, I don't really use but they do add a bit of bling to your room. I suppose in a "movie theater" setup it would make for an unobtrusive lighting in a dark room. The chair also has a sound shaker that allows you to "feel" the movie or show you are watching. I've never used it myself because you need a separate amplifier for it. It is nice to have the option though
Josh W.

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