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Palliser Media 41402-46402 Theater Seating

Palliser Media 41402-46402 Theater Seating

CUPHOLDER OPTION: Stainless Steel or Antique Bronze
FOOT OPTION: Stainless Steel or Espresso

▪ Cradling Body Support
▪ Hidden In-Arm Storage

▪ Chaiselounger Seating
▪ Wallhugger Seating
▪ 43" Tall Seating
▪ 25" Seating Surface

Available Row Configurations

View Curved Loveseat & Sofas| 15 Configurations

View Curved Rows| 4 Configurations

View Straight Loveseat & Sofas| 15 Configurations

View Straight Rows| 4 Configurations


The Palliser Media is one of the finest home theater seats available. This home theater seat's extravagant sense of opulence is immediately apparent as you sit in its ultra-plush folds, which will cradle your frame in dreamlike ambience. A tall seat back provides perfect accommodation for larger frames, while the chaiselounger footrest extends cushioned support from head to toe. The theater seat back's distinctive geometric design, with its diagonal lines, frames a stylish headrest that lets you gently lay back in indulgent calm. In-arm storage compartments are a perfect spot for the placement of reading materials, remotes, or anything else you may need within easy arm’s reach. Like all Palliser media room chair models, the Media can be customized to fit your taste—choose from hundreds of fabric, leather, and color options to craft the home theater chair of your dreams. Power recline, lighted cup holders, and ambient base lighting can be added for hi-tech thrills. On top of these choices, you can add a grommet to enjoy further options, including tray tables, tablet holders, reading lights, and wine glass caddies. The Palliser Media home theater seating is of an elite class of seats that will provide superior enjoyment from the moment you sit down.


Palliser Furniture
Quality and Exceptional Value. Palliser Furniture has maintained its tradition of excellence for over sixty years. Creating well made, quality home theater furniture requires dedicated people, and behind every piece of Palliser furniture are many skilled hands and creative minds. At the Palliser Furniture drawing board, the design team is passionate about the subtleties of style. Collections reflect a carefully considered selection of pieces that represent quality, feature extensive choice and impart innovation. Developers carefully source and test materials to meet Palliser Furniture’s high standard for durability, safety and value. In Palliser Furniture's manufacturing plants, engineers and assemblers skillfully produce the astounding variety of upholstered products that are offered by retail stores, and are selected for your home.

Seat Dimensions PDF

A. Seat Height: 43"
B. Footprint: 41"
C. T.V. Position:
D. Full Recline: 65"

These are some of the most popular configurations for this home theater seating group. If you have any questions about a custom setup you would like to purchase please call one of our expert sales personal at 1-800-407-8665.

Straight Row Configurations

Row of 2

Row of 2 Loveseat

Row of 3

Row of 3 Sofa

Row of 3 Loveseat Right

Row of 3 Loveseat Left

Row of 4

Row of 4 Sofa

Row of 4 Loveseat Right

Row of 4 Loveseat Left

Row of 4 Middle Loveseat

Row of 4 Dual Loveseats

Curved Row Configurations

Row of 2

Row of 3

Row of 3 Loveseat Right

Row of 3 Loveseat Left

Row of 4

Row of 4 Loveseat Right

Row of 4 Loveseat Left

Row of 4 Middle Loveseat

Row of 4 Dual Loveseats

Fabric Sample Request

Palliser Fabrics

Fabric material offers a wide array of texture, color, and pattern options along with a warm, inviting ambience that exudes down-home comfort. The texture of this material can feel like cloth, suede, velvet, burlap, and even leather, depending on its construction. Larger and smaller grains, stitching, and patterning give each fabric its own particular style; with 180 different options to choose from, you are certain to find something which matches your needs. Grades 1 and 2 of Palliser’s fabric line focus on solid color options, with variations in grain (if intended to mimic leather) and stitching (especially with burlap-like styles). Grade 3 of the fabric line focuses exclusively on stylish patterning, in a dazzling array of styles that range from floral, art-deco, and paisley to idiosyncratic geometric designs based on circles, diamonds, and chain-link artistry. Be sure and examine the many styles that are available and spend time in choosing the one that’s perfect for you.

Tips and Methods to care for your seat material: Read More.

Fabric Sample Request

Palliser Bonded Leather

Bonded leather combines the look and feel of genuine top-grain leather with an affordable value, for a presentation that many home theater seat owners find irresistible. This material is a polyurethane-leather hybrid, designed to incorporate the best of both worlds. Polyurethane gives it a consistent sheen that is even easier to maintain than full-grain leather; a light wipe-down with a damp cloth is enough to keep it looking radiant for years. Meanwhile, the leather content of this material imparts the appearance, texture, feel, and even scent of full-grain leather, for an opulent finish.

Tips and Methods to care for your seat material: Read More.

Fabric Sample Request

Palliser LeatherMatch

Grades 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 are available in a leather match option, in which the backside and underside of your home theater seat is fashioned with a durable vinyl which is carefully matched in appearance to the leather on the front. This option provides the benefits of leather seating, with a great value.

Tips and Methods to care for your seat material: Read More.

Fabric Sample Request

Palliser Leather

GRADE 1000
This top-grain grade of leather is known as “corrected”, in that it is buffed to remove imperfections. A surface grain is then applied for a smooth, polished finish. This grade of leather is among the longest-lasting and easiest to clean, making it a perfect choice for those with kids or pets. The colors of this leather are generally solid, for a bold look.

GRADE 1500
This grade of leather is “semi-corrected”, which means it is lightly buffed to remove blemishes, while retaining some of the natural look and texture of the original hide. It is similar to Grade 1000, in both its smooth surface grain and easy maintenance. Solid colors are common with this grade, which is also very stain-resistant.

GRADE 2000
This brand of semi-corrected leather is similar to grade 1500, but comes in both solid and two-toned color options. The natural softness and durability of this material is combined with a great value.

GRADE 2500
This brand of semi-corrected leather comes in three different styles, each with color options ranging from solid to two-tone. It is similar to grade 2000 in that it is soft, yet stain-resistant and retains some of the natural texturing of the hide.

GRADE 3000
This brand of top-grain leather is “uncorrected”, which means that it is exclusively chosen from natural hides with few blemishes (what markings there are, are not imperfections but proof of the material’s authenticity). Natural top-grain hides are exceptionally soft, with the thick texture and strong aroma that will tingle your senses in turn. This grade comes in several color options ranging from solid to two-toned, with some featuring a slightly larger grain pattern.

GRADE 4000
This grade features all the benefits associated with uncorrected top grain leather, including silky softness and thick texturing. The color options range from solid and two-tone styles, to various high-gloss shades that boast a smooth, polished surface.

GRADE 5000
This grade of uncorrected top grain leather is one of the softest on the market, chosen from only the finest hides. Its thick texture and shaded color options make it an instant standout, to be used in the finest luxury seats.

GRADE 6000
This all-natural uncorrected top grain leather is similar to the 5000, in that it retains all of the beauty of the original hide. An aniline dye is applied for color options, while carefully retaining all of the characteristic markings and grain pattern of the natural surface. The regal appearance and supple texturing of this grade is highly prized, which readily absorbs moisture and oils to develop a rich patina over time.

Tips and Methods to care for your seat material: Read More.

Theater Seat Options & Upgrades

Palliser Theater Seat Cupholder OptionCUPHOLDER FINISH OPTIONS
Choose between Stainless Steel or Antique Bronze finishes. These are included with the purchase of your theater seat.

Palliser Home Theater Seat Foot OptionFOOT FINISH OPTIONS
Choose between Stainless Steel or Espresso finishes. These are included with the purchase of your theater seat.

Home Theater Seating LED Upgrade Kit by PalliserLIGHTED CUPHOLDERS & BASE UPGRADE
$70.00 per chair
Upgrade the standard cupholders to Lighted Cupholders and add Ambient Baselighting to the baserail for each seat.

Palliser Theater Seat Tablet HolderTABLET HOLDER UPGRADE
$90.00 per holder
The Palliser Tablet Holder fits popular tablets and can be tilted back and forth or rotated to sideways to view items in landscape mode on your tablet.

$70.00 per table
The polished black tray table swivels 360° and can removed and easily stored or cleaned. This item is great to keep snacks and remote within easy reach.

Wireless Bass Shaker System for Home Theater SeatingWIRELESS BASS SHAKER SYSTEM UPGRADE
$300.00 per unit
The Wireless Bass Shaker System powers up to 4 chairs at once. This system vibrates the chair based on low audio frequencies (Such as Explosions).

Seat Specifications

Hardwood, softwood and engineered wood products; all joints pinned & glued for uniformity & strength

Blown fiber back cushions with 11 or 12 gauge sinuous springs which are engineered to provide lasting comfort and strength.

1.8 lb high resilience foam for superior comfort without loss of support and 8 gauge sinuous wire springs for superior ride and comfort.

Toggle switch for power operation on the inside of the armrest. Hand wand for power operation of armless seats.

Pull latch on the inside of the armrest for manual operation, & D-pull parachute style handle for manual operation of armless seats.

Palliser Theater Seating

Palliser Media 41402 Theater Seating

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▪ Over 100 Leather Options
▪ Over 200 Fabric Options
▪ Straight or Curved Rows Available
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