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Mantra Home Theater Seats

Seatcraft Mantra Top Grain Leather 7000, Powered Headrest & Lumbar, Power Recline, Black or Red, Straight Rows

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Product Reviews

REVIEW: No review, Image provided

REVIEW: My purchase with 4seating took about 6 months, and they stuck with me through the whole process. I was building a new house, and so wasn't quite ready to buy. Needless to say, I went through several different choices of model, color, and fabric/leather style. They sent me (I think) about 6 different sets of samples, and never once did I ever experience anything but TOP customer service.

These Mantra chairs are great! They're a little firm when new, I'd say, but that's actually a good thing - they will break in. I've had couches that were soft and comfy when new and they end up saggy and TOO soft in a couple years. These Seatcraft chairs are built like tanks. The only thing I'd say (and this is a nitpick) is that it was a bit difficult for me to figure out how to connect the lights for the loveseat configuration. I'm sure I could have called and asked - I'm just stubborn and like to figure things out for myself!

Anyway, I'm very pleased with my purchase and extremely pleased with the experience of ordering from 4seating.
Dustin S

REVIEW: My wife and I have been very diligent at searching since 2016 for the "perfect" theater seats for our media room. I have sat on and reviewed numerous seating manufactures. I have exhausted Google and other search engines. My bottom has been on more cowhide than I care to admit. Then.....a AMAZING man named Alex Osorio at 4seating in La Habra, Ca introduced himself, made me feel welcome into what I can describe as Theater Seating HEAVEN. After narrowing my search to (3) chairs, the Seatcraft Mantra won our hearts. We special ordered a custom Bordeaux(wine) color. 12 weeks later with a "white glove" delivery, by (2) AMAZING young men.....Pure JOY and EXCITEMENT has overcome us. These chairs are the most comfortable chairs EVER. They are the creme de la creme...featuring power recline, lumbar, head rests and SOUND SHAKER!!! Thank you!! HAPPY CUSTOMERS...
Tony and Liz G
Tony G

REVIEW: If I could give 10 stars instead of 5 I would. Our sales rep was Bob Wheelan, and Bob did an incredible job before the sale of explaining all the options and different chairs and sofas.

Bob answered every question and knew everything about the different kinds of seating they offer. Not only was Bob great before the sale, but there was a snow storm that caused our seating to take 17 days to get to us. During that time Bob contacted the shipping company several times and helped get the shipment moving again after it had been sitting in Philly for almost a week. For our theaters front row we went with a row of 3 Mantra sofa, that has 3 recliners, then added 2 removable slide arm armrest so we could have a sofa when we wanted and separate seating for movie nights. For our back row we went with a row of 2 Mantra seats. The Mantra seats are very well built with finished backs and full leather all around. The seats have powered headrest, powered lumbar, and power recline, and also have base lighting, lighted cupholders, and sound shakers. The quality and attention to detail in the seats is just great. The seats are incredibly comfortable and I'd say the seats are a medium firmness and have completely change movie nights. The seats came in 5 boxes on 2 pallets and the boxes are huge and the seats are heavy so get a buddy to help. Seriously each seat weighed about 140lbs and the double arm recliner that makes up half of our row of 2 weighed even more. I can't say enough about my experience before, during or after buying the seats except ask for Bob. He'll take care of you and you won't regret your purchase.
Legairre R

REVIEW: We absolutely love our New Mantra ❤ theatre seating. Thank you Zachary
Mantra love ❤

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