Fiber-Optic Starpanel - 8' x 4' w/ Frame
CLEARANCE PRICE $934.00/seat
Original Price $1,244.00 (63% Savings)
Retail Price $2,569.00
• 8' x 4' Starpanel
• Starpanel Frame is included.
Ever wanted a fiber optic star ceiling in your theater? Well here is your chance to get one at a do-it-yourselfer bargain price. We offer our 4x8 wall panels now with fiber optic stars preinstalled (custom sizes are available call for a price quote for your ceiling). All that needs to be done it drill a hole through the ceiling to run your wires through and attach panel its that easy. Anyone should be able to do it and the best part is a 4x8 foot panel comes with everything included, even the light box