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Starting Tips

A.) First remove outlet and switch covers very carefully.

B.) Start from the easiest corner and continue one way (counter clockwise or clockwise).

C.) Always measure for your cuts.

D.) Only do one panel space (4' x 8') at a time when applying your ceramic tile adhesive.

E.) Before installing, and after applying panels don't forget to wash your hands and patching trowel so that you don't get any tile adhesive on the panels you are cutting or installing.



  Cutting Trim for the Wallpanel

1.) Use a surface underneath the panel you cut so as to not damage the floor, your blade, or possible the panel. A great solution for this is to use a large piece or cardboard.


2.) Measure the area where you are installing the trim piece.


3.) When cutting the trim be sure to cut the end that will not be exposed so you have a nice clean edge on the outside.


4.) Cut in a downward fashion as it is harder to cut 'up' the panel. ALWAYS use a straight edge of some kind to the cut as straight as possible and then apply the trim piece to the wall.

Reference Video

Trim Cut & Install



  Cutting The Panel

1.) Use a surface underneath the panel you cut so as to not damage the floor, your blade, or possible the panel. A great solution for this is to use a large piece or cardboard.


2.) When cutting the panel keep your blade at a slight angle where the bottom of the blade is slightly in. Be sure to make all the proper measurements and get a firm hold of the panel so that it does not slide as you cut it. (refer to figure 1)


3.) Cut in a downward fashion as it is harder to cut 'up' the panel. ALWAYS use a straight edge of some kind to the cut as straight as possible. (refer to figure 2)

Reference ../images

Figure 1

Figure 2

Reference Video

Panel Cutting Video



  Basic Wallpanel Installation

Before Install

1.) Applying the wall panels is quite simple. Just take your ceramic tile adhesive and dab it on the surface of your wall liberally (refer to figures 3 & 4). Make sure that you spread the dabs out to cover the entire 8' x 4' wall surface.


2.) Once you have you wall area covered with adhesive you then apply the wall panel to the wall by firmly pressing it to the wall and then smoothing it out from bottom to top (refer to panel install video).

After Install

Reference ../images

Figure 3

Figure 4

Reference Video

Panel Install Video



  Outside Corner Install

Before Install

1.) You will need you two panels, A & B. (refer to figure 5)


2.) When doing an outside corner install you need to overlap the panel edges to create a smooth, slight beveled, edge. To do this correctly you need to install Panel B first. When installing this panel it needs to be mostly flush with the wall edge. It needs to stick out slightly, 1/8" to be exact, so that it seams up with Panel A. (refer to figure 6)


3.) Once Panel B is installed it is time to install Panel A. Simply line the two edges up so that Panel A OVERLAPS Panel B. If done correctly you should have something like Figure 5. (refer to figure 7)

After Install



  Inside Corner Install

Before Install

1.) Make sure that each adjoining edge is straight if it is unfinished. Panel A will be installed first and Panel B will but up against Panel A.


2.) When you install the first panel make sure that it is flush with the corner and wall as the second panel will overlap that edge of the first panel. (refer to figure 8)


3.) Firmly apply Panel A to the wall and then apply Panel B to the wall and flush against Panel A.

After Install

Reference ../images

Figure 8



  Installing Panels Around Windows

1.) Apply the panel directly over the window as it will be cut after. (refer to figure 9)


2.) After the panel adhesive has had some time to dry cut a rough outline of the window. You will need to make sure you leave some edge around the window as this will be trimmed to fit the rest of the window treatment. (refer to figure 10)


3.) Then use a straight edge to cut the slack off the panel so that it is flush with the window sill. (refer to figure 11)


4.) Now apply the pre-cut panel pieces to the edges of the window sill to complete the window treatment. (refer to figure 12)



  Hiding Open Spaces

1.) This is a technique for hiding any open spaces that may appear in between panels. First you need to cut a strip of panel material to use to hide the wall that is exposed (refer to material cut video).


2.) After you have a piece of the material cut you need to pull one panel up to insert the material that will hide the exposure. (refer to figure 13)


3.) Once you have the material piece inserted firmly reapply the lifted panel back to the wall. The exposed wall should now be concealed.

Reference ../images

Figure 13

Reference Video

Material Cut Video



  Cutting Outlet and Switch Openings

1.) Measure where the outlet/switch needs to be. (refer to figures 14 & 15)


2.) Mark your panel in the appropriate area, be sure to use white chalk, or any medium that will rub off. (refer to figure 16)


3.) Once you have your panel measured and marked its time to cut. After you have cut your panel simply apply it to the wall where you outlet/switch resides. (refer to outlet cut video)


4.) Re-attach your outlet/switch plate and you now have a perfectly cut panel around your outlet/switch. (refer to figure 17)

Reference Video

Outlet Cut Video

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